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Getting Started with Homeschooling
Practical Considerations for
School Aged Children

by Beverley Paine

The original Australian homeschooling manual

ISBN 1876651008, Paperback, 132 pages,
210mm x 290mm, illustrated, 1997

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Packed with practical information and examples, this book sets out in detail
how to write a learning program tailored for your child’s individual learning needs.
Plenty of actual of examples of ways to organise and evaluate lessons, as well
as excellent ideas for recording learning at home.

What readers think...

"The best book of its kind I've seen!"
Valerie Marett, Australian Homeschooling Supplies

"I have found Getting Started with Home Schooling to be a wonderful resource, full of ideas and practical considerations...and easy to read and relate to."  Carolyn

"This is the best advice available for home educators I've seen. It is balanced and thorough and very practical. It is easy reading and very accurate. Although Beverley is a SA. home educator, her advice on dealing with the authorities in Ch2 'Getting Started' is general and accurate enough to be still valid and useful. I recommend this book to new and nearly new home educators and because the 'Recording and Evaluation' chapter has some good ideas I hadn't come across, I'd recommend it to anyone who is re-evaluating their 'program.'" Colleen Strange, Home Education Association of Australia

"I've begun reading Getting Started with Home schooling - Practical Considerations by Beverley Paine. I'm only half way through it but it will definitely be one that I will be keeping handy on my shelf for easy reference. It is a great book which outlines in detail how to plan and organise a homeschooling program and related matters.
The various ideas that a homeschooling parent might have about how and what to teach to one's children eventually need to be consolidated into some sort of plan in order to implement those ideas. This book is a must read for anyone new to homeschooling as it provides a useful reference and outline of the many facets of homeschooling that need to be considered."
Umm Hamza

"Getting Started with Homeschooling is fantastic!" Jo Jensen

"I found this book to be invaluable during my very early days of home schooling. I found the early days to be overwhelming and often felt I was floundering as I tried to work out how I would put home schooling into practice. This book is easy to read, and as well as giving the nuts and bolts of how to start home schooling, it also helped us develop our personal approach by giving us direction and areas to focus on such as family goals. It was helpful too in working out our curriculum for the next year when applying for government approval to home school." Louise Wilton

"It is good to see an Australian homeschooling book of this size and quality being produced to meet Australian needs... Beverly has tried to think of everything that a new homeschooling parent could ever wonder about..." Janine Banks

"This practical workbook, densely packed with Beverley's common sense ideas based on years of personal experience, is a comforting guide for parents just starting out on their homeschooling adventures." Grace Chapman, editor of Stepping Stones for Home Educators

What's in this book? Contents...


Part 1
Home Education in Practice

1.1 What it means for the parents
1.2 What it means for the children

Part 2
Getting Started

2.1 Registering your intent to legally homeschool
2.2 The interview
2.3 General Requirements

Part 3
Developing a Curriculum

3.1 Preparing a philosophy statement
3.2 Researching other educational philosophies
3.3 Determining immediate educational goals
3.4 Educational approach

Part 4
Preparing the Learning Space

4.1 Physical environment
4.2 Attitude to learning
4.3 Determining your children's educational needs
4.4 Learning styles
4.5 Value of play in the learning environment
4.6 Useful materials for the learning space

Part 5
Writing a Learning Program

5.1 Implementing your curriculum
5.2 Putting it all together
5.3 Collecting resources
5.4 Identifying resources
5.5 Evaluating educational materials
5.6 Timetables and flexibility
5.7 Correspondence courses
5.8 Examples of learning programs

Part 6
Planning Methods

6.1 Learning how to program by planning "in reverse"
6.2 Brainstorming
6.3 K-W-L method
6.4 Traditional subject outline
6.5 Basic questions
6.6 Divergent questions
6.7 Language experience approach
6.8 Capitalising on spontaneous learning
6.9 Mind Mapping
6.10 Learning centres
6.11 Text and student workbooks
6.12 Using excursions
6.13 Natural learning approach
6.14 Summary

Part 7
Recording and Evaluation

7.1 The importance of recording
7.2 Involving the children
7.3 Areas to consider in the evaluation process
7.4 Evaluation techniques
7.5 Grades, levels, tests
7.6 What to record
7.7 Types of recording
7.8 Some recording examples
7.9 Summary

Part 8
Connecting with Other Homeschoolers

8.1 Networking
8.2 Setting up a support group
8.3 Promoting homeschooling

Part 9
Curriculum Checklists
9.1 Skills and Processes
- Skills: Independent Inquiry skills, Group work skills
- Processes: Listening and Speaking, Writing, Spatial awareness and mapping, - Reading, Research and Information Processing
9.2 Learning Activities
- Listening and Speaking
- Media Activities
- Forms of Writing
- Art and Craft Activities
9.3 Other Checklists
- Conventions of language
- Health and Personal Development
- Science
- Intercultural Studies
- Mathematics - number, space and measurement
Recommended Reading
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April Jermey took over the reins of Always Learning Books from hr mother, Beverley Paine, in 2011. A stay-at-home part-time working mum of two young children, April experienced a mix of education, including homeschooling, unschooling, part-time attendance at school, completing her high school certificate at school. She supports the right of families to choose the education that best meets the needs of their children.

Beverley Paine home educated her three children, now all adults, between 1985 and 2004. An active volunteer supporting and promoting education choice for families for over two decades her legacy continues in her books and articles.


"The information you supply is real and generous. Most books do not really explain 'how' as well as you do." Tracy

"I cannot seem to get enough of your writings on the whole home ed subject! You portray a lot of wisdom, knowledge and experience..." Marie

"A fabulous source of information and inspiration. I am very pleased to have some of your titles on my bookshelf... providing me with wonderful, detailed information and resources." Faye

"Whenever I read your writing I always come away with increased confidence in my ability to provide and share a wonderful learning journey with my family. Thank you!"Maaike

"Your guidance, understanding, support and words of wisdom changed our lives." Lesley

"I have been so grateful for the texts I have read from you so far. They have been so helpful as we entered our first year of official home schooling." Sue

"Fantastic reading. I am so inspired...
Your honesty is rare." Tracy


About Home Education

Home education is a legal alternative to school education in Australia. State and territory governments are responsible for regulating home education and have different registration requirements, however homeschooling families are able, and encouraged, to develop curriculum and learning programs to suit the educational and developmental needs of their individual children. For more information visit:

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