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Save time and simplify your homeschooling life! Learn from experienced
home educators how to write your own curriculum. It really is that easy!

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Let Beverley Paine guide you to creating your own personalised and individual learning programs for your children with her helpful books and booklets.

Diaries and Reports
Curriculum & Games

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Recommended 'must have' titles for families on low budgets.

Do-It-Yourself Homeschool!
Save up to 20%!
$39.50 Starter Pack

Learn how to write your own personalised curriculum to suit your family's needs.
Each Pack contains a copy of the following:
Getting Started $25.70
Choosing Homeschool Curriculum $5.00
Weekly Homeschool Diary $8.95
Portfolio / Report $6.25
Learning Materials for the Homeschool $5.00
(limited to one purchase per customer: if additional diaries or reports required, select from catalog below)

Select age group:
Natural Learning
and Unschooling Pack
Save 20%! $26.50

Each Pack contains a copy of the following:
Natural Learning $5.00
Natural Learning Answers $10.80
Learning Naturally Diary $8.95
Learning Maths Naturally $5.00
A Sample Approved Natural Learning Program and Review $5.00

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Practical Homeschooling Booklets

Educational and Life-Skills Games

Children learn better when they use their whole bodies and all of their senses. Learning from books can be tedious for many students and can easily become a daily chore that is met with reluctance. No matter what your style of homeschooling this range of inexpensive booklets will enhance your children's learning through play. Revisit some of your favourite childhood games with any of these booklets.

Bring back the challenge and excitement to learning by supplementing study periods in each subject area with Kathi Wyldeck's educational and life skill games. These provide a natural and enjoyable way to learn while doing what children do best - play!

Let's Play Together
Traditional Children's Games
by Beverley Paine

A collection of remembered and shared traditional children's games with introduction. Great for children's parties, homeschooling get-togethers and celebrations, or for playing with your children at home. Relive some of your happiest childhood moments with this collection of favourite fun games as you help your children develop a wide range of educational and physical skills! 2005

ISBN 1876651156 A5 stapled, 80g, 52 pages

Purchase from the catalogue page.

Kathi Wyldeck's very practical Educational and Lifeskills Games Booklets draw on her extensive educational experience with children.

This series of seven booklets offer easy to play games that are active and fun, and are designed to consolidate academic learning across all curriculum subjects.
Although aimed at primary to junior secondary level, most games can be played at levels suitable for the individual player's age group and ability. Parents can easily modify the activities to incorporate additional learning to suit each child.

Use the games to launch unit studies or spark interest in particular topics, or to reinforce interest, increase knowledge or consolidate previous learning.
Subjects covered in the booklets include: Mathematics, English, Music, History, Geography, German, French and Latin, Citizenship, Personal Growth and Health, Art, Technology, Science and Environment.

Paperback, 32 + pages, 148mm x 210mm.

Purchase from the catalogue page.

Physical and Mental Games for Families Book One
Fast Games and Quiet Games

ISBN 1876651385, 70g

Physical and Mental Games for Families Book Two
Outdoor, Campfire, Water and Theme Games

ISBN 1876651369, 70g

Educational Games for Families Book One
Maths, English, Music and Art

ISBN 1876651350, 70g

Educational Games for Families Book Two

ISBN 1876651342, 70g

Educational Games for Families Book Three
History Geography, French, German and Latin

ISBN 1876651407, 70g

Life Skill Games for Families Book One
Estimation, First Aid, Health, Tracking, Safety, Knotting and Navigation

ISBN 1876651377, 70g

Life Skill Games for Families Book Two
Character Building, Handcraft, Aussie Flags and Emblems, Discovery, Nature and Conservation, Cooking, Self Expression, Tools and Construction

ISBN 1876651393, 70g

Purchase from the catalogue page.

Kathi Wyldeck lives in Sydney , Australia . She has had broad experience in both the arts and sciences, working at hospitals and universities as a biological technician in clinical endocrinology and molecular genetics research, and more recently as an English tutor and author of five grammar books. As a mother of three active boys, she has spent a decade as a Cub Scout Leader, organising games programmes for groups of energetic children, as well as home-schooling her third child. She runs a website of games and learning activities at , which she updates each week. Kathi regards the fun and games involved in rearing and educating her own children, her Cubs and her English pupils as one of the highlights of her life.

Other Books Published by Kathi:

  • All You Need to Know About Grammar, (Excel Essential Skills for Grades 5-10), Pascal Press , Australia , 2003
  • Everyday Spelling and Grammar , (Blake's Go-Guides), Pascal Press , Australia , 2003
  • English for Everyone, Books 1 &2 , , U.S.A. , 2007
  • Grammar & Vocabulary Games for Children , , U.S.A. , 2007
  • Games for Fun, Fitness and Learning , , U.S.A. , 2008
  • How to Write an Essay , , U.S.A. , 2008



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"Thank you... The information you supply is real and generous - fantastic reading. I am so inspired... Your honesty is rare. Most books do not really explain 'how' as well as you do." Tracy

"I cannot seem to get enough of your writings on the whole home ed subject! You portray a lot of wisdom, knowledge and experience..." Marie

"A fabulous source of information and inspiration. I am very pleased to have some of your titles on my bookshelf... providing me with wonderful, detailed information and resources." Faye

"Whenever I read your writing I always come away with increased confidence in my ability to provide and share a wonderful learning journey with my family. Thank you!" Maaike

"I appreciate that your book Getting Started is very balanced in its approach to homeschooling methods and also that it covers so many of the areas and questions that I desperately needed to deal with." Joanne

"Your guidance, understanding, support & words of wisdom changed our lives." Lesley

"I have been so grateful for the texts I have read from you so far. They have been so helpful as we entered our first year of official home schooling." Sue

April Jermey took over the reins of Always Learning Books from hr mother, Beverley Paine, in 2011. A stay-at-home part-time working mum of two young children, April experienced a mix of education, including homeschooling, unschooling, part-time attendance at school, completing her high school certificate at school. She supports the right of families to choose the education that best meets the needs of their children.

Beverley Paine home educated her three children, now all adults, between 1985 and 2004. An active volunteer supporting and promoting education choice for families for over two decades her legacy continues in her books and articles.

About Home Education

Home education is a legal alternative to school education in Australia. State and territory governments are responsible for regulating home education and have different registration requirements, however homeschooling families are able, and encouraged, to develop curriculum and learning programs to suit the educational and developmental needs of their individual children. For more information visit
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Natural Learners / Unschoolers

Beverley's manual on how to write your own homeschool curriculum! The ultimate DIY guide. Still only $25.70!

"Beverley's patience, experience, and understanding of both the questions and the answers make her a wonderfully helpful guide to the adventure of helping children learn without school."
Wendy Priesnitz, Life Media

"Beverley's lengthy experience in the homeschooling community is legend. Thankfully for all involved she continues to share her deep thinking and acquired wisdom..." Linda Dobson, Parent at the Helm

A refreshing practical approach to unschooling based on the needs of the child and family which demystifies and simplifies the philosophy and practice of this style of home education.
ISBN 978-1-876651-58-9 $10

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  • We are currently away, visiting family interstate, and only took limited stock with us, which has now sold. All orders will be shipped on the 1st of April. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
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